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bob 体育平台下载TLC管道is a locally owned family operated plumbing, heating & cooling company serving the Albuquerque metro area. TLC provides residential, commercial & industrial services. TLC is committed to providing quality, reliable, 24-hour service. When you have a plumbing or HVAC problem, trust TLC’s experts to respond to your needs quickly. Our expert technicians and plumbers are experienced in repairing and replacing all models and brands of home equipment, so you can feel confident when choosing TLC that you will get reliable service.

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We know you have many options to choose from when you need service so why choose TLC? For starters, we always answer our phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You will always speak to a live person when you call us, even in the middle of the night. We know when you have a problem in your home it can be messy and frustrating. We are here to set your mind at ease and get your problem resolved quickly so you can get back to your life.

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TLC has received multiple Best of the City awards by Albuquerque The Magazine and the Albuquerque Journal over the years. So when you have a plumbing or heating problem you want someone you can rely on to fix your problem and trust that it is done correctly.

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过去一周的TLC管道的另一个伟大的体验。bob 体育平台下载炉子问题在我期待的成本中得到了一半的一半。我非常感谢德里克的专业性,愿意解释他所做的一切,以便我将来最好维持炉子。与TLC连续两次伟大的经验 - 伟大的服务和我们问题的快速决议。
Allison Stevens.
18:16 27 Jan 19
我在黑色星期五,度假周末有电气问题。向TLC拨打电话,由Mike Gibson回答。迈克是如此专业,体贴,他通过重置我的断路器来帮助我,并帮助我通过电话识别问题!这节省了我额外的费用,经过了几小时的服务费,这有助于巨大的帮助!我们引脚指出问题是用我的吊扇,他准备好在现场修复它,直到我告诉他吊扇有多高。迈克建议我拍照并将其发送给他,所以他会更好地了解他需要的阶梯。发送照片后,他能够评估他需要访问粉丝并对更换的建议进行一些建议。他还放心了我,通过保持风扇和揭示它应该没问题,直到被替换。我不能告诉你这是一个救济,我有多欣赏迈克的帮助意愿。我喜欢TLC,我以前用过他们的服务,一直觉得他们真正关心并提供了很棒的服务。 Thank you again Mike Gibson for going above and beyond this holiday weekend, as I know you are all so busy! Sincerely, Dorothy Wilde
Dorothy Wilde
01:49 11月18日
24/7 Service was a must. For the added convenience of an emergency plumbing repair the cost was worth it. The technician, Roman, and the dispatcher were very helpful in helping set up my service call. I had a kid's birthday party to host on this date, and was having a main line sewer issue. They arrived early in the morning and was able to fix the issue in under an hour. Well worth the time and expedience of service. The technician was very knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. He had a smile on his face even on a cold, Saturday morning.
Gregory Grundhoffer.
16:35 17 11月18日
在周末(急诊时间),我们在家里的主线中有一个快速泄漏(〜100gallons / min)。它们是提示,提供解决方案,使我的家人能够运行水,然后保存工作的非关键任务(修理人行道,修补灌溉管,填充孔等)。该团队专业知识渊博,并将为我们家庭的管道护理提供我们的持续业务!谢谢你这么多,史蒂夫,约瑟夫,罗伯特和船员为您的惊人态度和职业道德,您将杜克镇成为更好的地方
Anya Castillo
23:17 09 12月18日
Roman is excellent at his job. He was efficient, friendly, and professional. He solved my plumbing issue and I would not hesitate to recommend him and TLC very highly. I also had a second plumbing issue and Peter and his assistant went the extra mile and solved my problem and also were very professional, and friendly. These three employees prove to me that TLC hires the best and will take good care of you.
22:37 13 Dec 18
On February 6, 2019 as I was cleaning up from dinner I noticed a lot of water coming from the fitting of my Insinkerator. It was after hours, but since TLC is available 24 hours a day, I called. I was fortunate enough to have Will Stuart come to the house within 20 minutes of my call. He was professional, pleasant, and did a perfect job fixing the problem. Hats off to TLC and Will Stuart.
Nan Pease
02:09 08 2月19日
Rudy performed a water heater service for us and while doing so he identified an unknown problem and diagnosed it. He is very knowledgeable and efficient. I will be happy to have him come back again when we need service and repair.
Chuck Thompson.
03:59 08 Feb 19
汤米S.我们的水管工非常出色。他及时做了这份工作,非常专业。他的职业道德令人印象深刻,在解开厨房的水槽后,他清理了一切。我们强烈推荐Tommy S.并欣赏他的服务。
01:02 2月19日
我们的军人,Pete Romero,是友好,礼貌和专业的。我们对他确实的炉子问题的工作非常满意。每当我们有加热/冷却问题时,我们会再次打电话给他。谢谢你做得好的工作。
17:45 17 2月19日
Outstanding service! Brian Richards at TLC was professional, courteous, and experienced. He was able to diagnose a difficult problem with my furnace and resolve it, all in a couple hours. I was truly impressed with their expertise! The cost for the service was both fair and affordable. Based on this experience, I will return to TLC in the future for similar needs as well as recommend them to my friends and colleagues.
22:33 22 Feb 19
Brian Richards是一个友好和有能力的维修技师。他很快诊断了我们的炉子的问题,并解释了我们可以理解的问题的问题。我们卖我们的房子,并将他的卡片录制到我们的炉子中,如果新的主人需要有用的人,并且知道Brian Richards。
Denise Laudun
17:06 2月19日19日
I’ve worked with several of the staff at TLC, and they’re always professional and friendly. Last night, Chris and Brandon came to my house late to address a corroded pipe emergency. They were great - they kept in touch about when they would arrive, were detailed in their assessment of the repair, and honest about the pricing. I trust TLC, and enjoy (as much is possible with plumbing issues) working with them.
16:19 27 Feb 19
Darell Randolph..
17:41 05 Mar 19
强烈推荐!Brian Richards和John到达迅速和专业。Brian / TLC最初为我们提供了一份引用R&R我们的炉子2018年末,并在2019年3月“伟大的客户服务”时荣获他们的投标。他们有礼貌,具有出色的专业知识,并且在一天结束时,我们的新炉子起来了。在过去的夏天,我们与我们的AC单位发出问题,Brian迅速解决了这个问题,让我们摆脱闷热的夏季热!保持伟大的服务......
18:59 06 Mar 19
Darell Randolph..
04:05 07 3月19日
Chad quickly worked up an estimate for the things I needed done, and then did them all to my satisfaction. He was professional, and cheerful - a pleasure to do business with. I will definitely want him to do any future work.
Beth Main
20:20 12 Mar 19
乍得特别专业,知识渊博的电力和机械。他于2019年3月3日星期四安装了两个浴室排气扇,他们很漂亮!强烈推荐所有住宅/商业电气工作的乍得。强大推荐TLC管道和适用于大多数家bob 体育平台下载庭维修!
D Everett
20:36 18月19日
I have used TLC for many years. The people from TLC are knowledgeable, timely, and have never failed in doing what needed to be done. They communicate well, and show me what I need to know and do as well. I have occasionally tried other companies and individuals, and wasted my time and money. I will call TLC when I need any kind of plumbing done.
17:42 3月19日19日
Adam did an excellent job from start to finish, the job was completed in a timely manner, he was very good at explaining what he was doing and his recommendations made sense. He cleaned up after the job and left the area better than he found it. I highly recommend TLC for any HVAC issues that you might encounter.
william Monsam
22:27 21 Mar 19
Frank Haley
21:29 26 Mar 19
4月19日02:22 16
TLC was phenomenal! I experienced an after hours plumbing emergency and they were able to get me back in business for a very reasonable price (half the price I paid for the same service from Sunshine Plumbing during business hours!). I was second in queue and the first job ran long, but Roman kept me apprised hourly. It was really late (3:00 AM) when the first job was completed, but Roman arrived onsite and professionally and courteously took care of my issue. Much appreciated and highly recommended!
Neil Sabol
02:53 13 Apr 19
James serviced our home today and he did an excellent job. He was very professional and took his time to explore all of our options and relayed it to the owner of the home for the final decision. Thank you James for all your hard work.
Joshua Dapson.
19:15 15 4月19日
Alberto Aguirre was wonderful! Extremely knowledgable, kind and efficient. He helped me get the correct products to meet my needs and installed them quickly. I highly recommend TLC. Their scheduling is prompt and friendly. Everyone is a professional there.
13:05 27 Apr 19
Great customer service and quick response to have some service done on my house. The two plumbers (Josh &James) that came out were fast and professional. Were even able to complete the task at a lower rate than the initial estimate. TLC has done great work for me in the past and these guys were very trustworthy.
Ray Basura
23:38 30 Apr 19
We had a major three-day job recently. The entire TLC crew , Manuel, Jude, Lawrence, James and Josh worked long hours to be sure the job was done well and to our satisfaction. They explained each step of the work as it was completed and checked all of their work before they left. I am very happy with their work.
Jean MacLeod
02:08 16 May 19
Doug of TLC was so incredibly helpful - I can't say enough good things about him and how he truly saved us today! We had a total plumbing emergency on Mother's Day of all days and he came through so quickly and fixed our problem in no time. He is such a nice guy - gave us some tips on how to prevent issues in the future and was so friendly through it all. I will no doubt be recommending him to my friends and family for their plumbing needs!
03:20 13 May 19
alchemie theband.
21:58 20 May 19
Christi Boomer
23:48 20 May 19
由于Carlos Ramirez和他的团队从TLC的团队完成了完美的工作。该项目流畅,完美无瑕。卡洛斯非常专业,组织,很高兴处理。他彻底向我彻底解释了一切,让我了解进展。我无言以对,在一天内完成了覆盖沼泽冷却器到冷藏空气的工作!谢谢Carlos,Antonio和Alberto!很高兴见到谢丽尔!谢谢TLC !!
01:25 5月19日
We needed urgent plumbing services at our older home in midtown. TLC sent technician Javier Gutierrez and he did a great job. He explained everything in detail, including what the possible 'worst case' scenarios were and then he did the work in a timely professional manner. We will definitely be calling Javier for all our future plumbing needs.
03:17 22 May 19
正如我们所要求的那样,Alberto Aguirere对以前由不同电工完成的一些工作进行了很好的分析。我们觉得他是诚实,有能力的,非常有帮助。我们感谢他出色和彻底的解释,见解和建议。fine
Kathleen McVicker
18:31 31 May 19
I had written a very negative review about TLC PLUMBING. I am editing that review based on a response from Sky (Dept. Mgr). Sky contacted me today 6-3-19 and apologized for being over charged on a plumbing job at my home on 5-29-19. We had a shower valve replaced. I was shocked at the charge, but when I spoke to a woman in the office and to the technician again, I didn't get a reasonable explanation. Sky told me it was a training issue for a new employee, he agreed we were over charged. He offered to refund the entire amount we were billed. I truly appreciate that Sky called and made things right. This is the good service I had always received from TLC. I have used them on multiple occasions for work at my uncle's home, and had always been happy with the service and felt their prices were reasonable. This is why I called them to come to my home. Again, thank you Sky! I will use TLC again at my home, and will continue to use them at my uncle's home.
22:46 03 Jun 19
Daniel Dore
19:36 11 Jun 19
I cant be thankful enough for what Lawrence Sanchez and his team did for me. Saved me over $3000.00. Plus, not only was Lawrence knowledgeable on the current codes and professional, he went above and beyond what he really had to do. Even better, he's a very friendly a personable guy. If you need work done on any plumbing, give my boy Lawrence a call!!
Bryan Klock
21:11 13 13日6月19日
这两个绅士,雅各布和雷,在艰难而凌乱的艰巨有效地工作,以进入下水道清洁空间。只收取一小时,太合理了!非常有礼貌和专业的年轻人。骑自行车通过众多管道工 - 既有专业和勤杂工一样 - 多年来,我肯定会再次使用TLC来在这座古老的Adobe房子里管道。
Melanie Shelor.
17:16 20 Jun 19
Scott and Eddie installed our new swamp cooler. They were extremely proficient, polite, and professional. We are immensely pleased with these two men and want to sing their praises. Our new cooler is exceptional.
Jayson Gober
19:51 21 Jun 19
James C. came out to my house and quickly repaired my plumbing dilemma. James called me when he was 20 min. out to give me a heads up on his arrival time. Once here he assessed the work that needed to be done, let me know and then did it. If I need plumbing work done in the future I will call TLC and I would be pleased if it was James that showed up to do the job.
William Mauldin
20:52 01 7月19日
Johnny Ray was amazing. He spent over 6 hours fixing our broken water heater which flooded our home. Did an EXCELLENT job with EVERY aspect of the repair, going above and beyond our expectations. Highly recommend TLC for emergency repairs!!
Eddie Sessa
03:03 17 Jul 19
Arrived on time-assessed issues and offered solutions promptly.Performed work in timely, workmanlike manner and cleaned up site very well. Performed comprehensive walk around at completion.Very personable and obviously very knowledgeable.
Richard McLain
18:10 18 Jul 19
Very good work on a gas leak. They finished the work efficiently and quickly with minimal disruption and minimal impact on my lawn and house. I would definitely call them again. I want to especially thank James Crespin for his professionalism and attention to detail throughout the work, as well as his helper Gabriel.
19:07 18 Jul 19
Last Thursday, we came home after lunch to find a spring bubbling up in the middle of our front yard. Called TLC and James arrived quickly to assess the problem (50 year old galvanized pipe breaks!). He and Cesar arrived the next day to dig a new trench and lay down a new water line. They worked SO hard and kept at it until they could connect the line so we had water for the weekend. It took several days to finish the project, but they did a great job, and did I mention they worked SO hard? This is why we always call TLC. : )
Nancy Hamilton
19:14 18 Jul 19
Cody came out after hours and took care of our issue quickly and efficiently! James has also come out on another occasion and I have nothing but the best to say about him as well. TLC is a staple in the ABQ community and their employees have always been very open and honest with us. Thanks TLC!
22:04 7月19日
Marcia Fernandes
20:55 30 Jul 19
Mike Allen
00:34 06 Aug 19
Lawrence Sanchez and Jude Gonzalez Jr. did a fantastic job for us in replacing the water supply lines and valves and also installing a new water heater and water softening system in our 30-year-old house in Albuquerque. It wasn't an easy job because our hard water in ABQ resulted in pipes "seizing up." They took the time it needed to do an excellent job. Mr. Sanchez and Mr. Gonzalez are professional, efficient, courteous and very good at educating us on the care of our new water system. I am very pleased with their work and highly recommend them.
Robin S
20:32 07 8月19日
水管工感谢上帝!我们已经用TLC管道bob 体育平台下载over the years and have always been impressed by the professionalism and great work of their employees. I also appreciate being able to contact the company 24/7 to schedule repairs. We had a simple leaky faucet handle that was fixed promptly today. Mike also picked up two spare parts for any future leaks to save money on labor charges (they had to drive to a specialty plumbing supply store to buy the part needed to fix our handle as it isn't typically stocked on their trucks).
Cheryl Jorgensen.
17:46 08 8月19日
I hadn't used them in a number of years. I thought I could save money with some other folks. (I didn't.) And the last guy that came to my house from a plumbing service in an unmarked truck looked like he sold plasma for a living. So when I needed an annual flushing of my tank-less water heater, I called TLC. A properly uniformed and knowledgeable guy (Leroy) came on time and took care of the service in a thorough and professional manner. Was it cheap? No, but neither is anybody else. And they leave you with the feeling that you have been well taken care of. That's worth it to me.
Bruce H
16:08 08 Aug 19
19:19 10 Aug 19
I'm giving them 10 stars on this five star rating system!!! They were simply amazing. I don't even know where to begin. We had four different TLC staff come into our home throughout the course of a week. They were attentive, responsive, kind, knowledgeable, and super helpful. The did quality work and went above and beyond on our repairs. They also did the ultimate pro move and did a great clean-up job!! Big huge thanks to the TLC family. They truly represent!!
Denita Wolf
01:43 14 8月19日
23:52 09年8月19日
James came out and did an assessment of my needs for a water heater. He did an absolutely great job very efficient. He made changes that brought the water heater in to code complianceWhich I really appreciated. I would highly recommend TLC for your plumbing
Claudia Skelton.
James CRESPIN came over to repair the pressure relief valve at my rental house. He was extremely knowledgeable and professional. The work was completed very quickly and neatly. We were very satisfied with his work.
Carmen Atencio
22:20 01 Sep 19
21:18 04 Sep 19
I had a plumbing inspection done and found that my water heater needed a portable expansion tank and a flue piping upgrade. Shannon Rushing did both the inspection and the work on the water heater. From what I can see, he did a great job and he's also a nice person so I felt completely comfortable with him. He left everything clean and complete and taught me how to drain the water heater which I told him I wanted to do since the water had been cooling down while he worked on it. Thanks, Shannon!
19:50 20 9月19日
我们是TLC管道的大粉丝 - 从定期的管道需bob 体育平台下载求,沼泽冷却器等等。他们甚至也可以做燃气炉和加热器。所有的工作都是专业的 - 所以我们甚至没有想到别人。特别感谢劳伦斯·桑切斯,他帮助确保我们的租赁房屋对新租户的安全性和声音很好!
19:28 20 9月19日
Shelly A
05:05 30 Sep 19
Shannon was very professional and helpful, he makes sure the job is completed on time and always willing to make changes if necessary. He followed up with me to make sure the grease trap was installed correctly, and to see if i needed anything else. Excellent customer service,very professional, i will definitely recommend Shannon from TLC any time.
23:44 02 10月19日
I had 2 unrelated issues in the SAME week that needed to be taken care of, hot water tank and heating/ac unit.. From the START, with Amanda taking my phone call, so pleasant, and being completely transparent about when the appointment could be made, what related costs I could expect, to Mike H arriving promptly Monday morning and identifying the issue with my hot water tank and even taking an additional 20 minutes to do everything he could to make sure that problem had been fully resolved. He was so thorough in explanation and expectations. The next evening, my house was struck by lightening, blowing multiple outlets and electronics, including the AC motherboard! I contacted Mike since he was so kind to me the day before, who reached out to Cody right away and they were able to place me on the calendar quickly to be seen. Cody had an opportunity in his schedule to come hours before originally thought, he called and asked if he could come out without disruption to what I might already have going on since my issue wasn't isolated to just what his expertise was needed for. He was kind, very thorough, able to diagnose the issue quickly. He made suggestions and allowed me to decide the best course of action for resolve. I don't wish my bad luck of items on anyone, but this company really went above and beyond to reduce my anxiety of the situation and handled everything so professionally. They have EARNED my business from here on out! THANK YOU SO MUCH.
Ugly Duckling
16:42 13 Sep 19
23:24 08 Oct 19
TLC做了一个大的项目在我们的伟大的工作property. James was very efficient and communicative with me throughout the project which made everything so much easier! Will definitely continue to use TLC and James for any of our plumbing needs.
The Gradely Manager
22:33 03 Oct 19
22:51 10月19日
the1N onlyTivo
20:23 19 Oct 19
19:32 17 Oct 19
非常满意我对TLC的经验。为一个新炉子寻求一个引用,惊喜,对其他公司的竞争和在线如何,令人惊喜。Riley提前30分钟预约了一个报价,并出来了审查我现在的设置并引用一些选择。一旦我决定我想向前推进,Riley就预约了下一个开放时间。安装日,布莱恩按时与他的团队一起出现并有权工作。我的炉子在我的阁楼里,所以他和他的团队直接工作了九个小时才能安装。沿着一些物品沿着这一点确定了Brian觉得应该被解决,使炉子达到代码,因此Riley停止引用额外的工作。我欣赏整个项目的每个人的沟通和专业性。我对新的炉子非常满意,并进入工作的护理。我建议伸出援手,收集报价并期待整个职业精神。 Thanks Riley and Brian and the entire TLC team!
21:42 02 Nov 19
James and Jude came out after hours and checked our water heater. They were both very professional and knowledgeable. It wasnt what we wanted to hear but James was good at giving us options. I love TLC.
DeeDee Schnedar
00:03 31 Oct 19
I've been a "special" member of TLC's customer base for many years. What has it gotten me? Nothing recently. They have had the privilege of using my "special" membership money for 6 months while I sit for weeks waiting to get service. While my sister lay dying here at home in hospice - TLC said they could show up in 4 days to fix my swamp cooler pump. The operator's response was "Do you want it or not?" On my first call, I found another company that came out that day (thank you, Wagner). Switch-over time was a 4 week wait - and once again, I found a willing company to come out when I needed them without the 4-week wait. TLC has gotten too big for their own good. They now have the second half of my annual fee - but I had to have the heat turned on by someone else. Don't fall for their spiel about paying up front and being able to get service quicker than other people. It is an untruth.
P. Gayle
23:56 05 Nov 19
I had my water heater serviced recently and I couldn’t be happier with the experience. Lawrence Sanchez explained everything that was going to be done, answered my questions and conducted himself in a respectful manner. I’ll definitely be requesting him to provide us service in the future.
Zeferino Banda
20:53 03 11月19日
Chloe Sangster.
18:51 06 Nov 19
詹姆斯很棒!他是个性和专业的,并立即修复了我的问题。他没有利用我的无知,并用一个超级昂贵的修复来坚持我,我不需要你听到其他一些服务。他告诉我下次要留意什么,所以我将成为一个更明智的房主。从现在开始,我会致电TLbob 体育平台下载C管道和效用。我不是这家公司的先锋,我被残疾,欣赏被公平和诚实的对待。询问詹姆斯。
17:37 14 Nov 19
I have been using TLC Plumbing for at least 10 years now for all of my plumbing and HVAC needs. Every one of their technicians that I have dealt with have been knowledgeable and skilled in their trade, as well as being very polite, friendly, helpful and professional. Just today, Lawrence Sanchez from TLC repaired a plumbing leak on my waterline. He did an excellent job, and embodied all of the attributes I mentioned above and have come to expect from TLC.
Cheryl Byrd
23:07 30 Oct 19
Even though the original repair person was out ill, service was still handled in a very timely manner. Lawrence S reviewed the issue, gave a detailed, multi-option estimate then took care of the problem quickly and efficiently. So grateful to TLC for having caring, professional people like Lawrence to attend to customers.
Terri R
19:18 18 Nov 19
Nichelle Vigil
04:56 15 Nov 19
接触TLC由于漏水热水器。Mark Coxwell给了我一个非常合理的估算,以便更换,预定的安装,并发送技术。完成工作。Brian Richards到达并安装了一个新的50加仑热水器Pronto。我的知识和快速工作留下了深刻的印象。妻子很开心;我很高兴。以公平的价格为专家安装人员来到TLC。
01:08 03 12月19日
Everything you need from a plumbing company... Responsive, Courteous, Professional, Knowledgeable and Friendly. Called on Saturday afternoon for a clogged drain and they arrived quickly. Joseph arrived as promised and fixed the problem without issues, he could not have been a better service tech. Joseph was fully-equipped and did a fantastic job identifying the problem, clearing the clog and putting everything back together better than he found it! TLC was not our first call on this problem, in the future we will definitely call TLC first when we need service.
Brian Roche
22:10 09 Dec 19
05:46 15 Dec 19
Donna Diller
02:48 07 Dec 19
Juan Lujan
00:52 21 Dec 19
We had a pipe burst right before Christmas, and TLC sent James Crespin out- he came out late at night on the 23rd and made sure we had running water back as quickly as possible. He worked with us to help manage the price due to the unfortunate timing. He was super polite and efficient and my husband and I are super grateful for the high quality work!
Jessica H
02:13 27日12月19日
Myles Lasner
15:31 04 Jan 20
这些人来到我们的商业英航的地方cked up clogging situation about 2 months ago. First off, the little boy they sent removed one of the 2 toilets affected and literally exploded a poop bomb all over the restroom. His version of cleaning it was to spray Clorox on the walls and leave, so it not only did it NOT actually clean anything, it also ruined the paint. Secondly, they took about 10 days to "fix" the problem which cost us 10 days worth of business and money! And finally, 2 months later come to find out the problem was never even fixed and we're in the same situation as we started before calling these guys. I would recommend anyone with plumbing issues ESPECIALLY regarding the toilets to save their money and call a more punctual and thorough company.
13:44 1月20日
Been using TLC for years, most recently for work on a water softener and water heater valve. Every person I've dealt with has been courteous, friendly and took the time to explain in detail what needed to be done and why. They even showed me how to do general stuff on my own to save some cash! Yup, they're definitely not the cheapest in town, but I've used a few other plumbers over the years to try and save money, and inevitably they turned out to be less professional and sometimes downright shady, a few even causing issues that needed further work because of their ineptitude. Will continue to use TLC as often as possible. It's nice to deal with a company that takes pride in their work and is a pleasure to deal with.
Randy Savage
21:13 18日1月20日
Gwen M
16:18 22日1月20
针刺性、彬彬有礼、高质量。我的17岁50 gallon tank hot water heater went out. I called several other companies who indicated they could get to me in a few days. The TLC folks promptly responded and scheduled a time to repair or replace right away. I had to replace this aging tank and TLC did a fantastic job. While replacing my hot water heater I asked the cost to replace my ~35 year old furnace, the cost was not so bad and we scheduled to replace that within the week. Overall I paid ~$6600 for both the furnace and water heater. I thought the water heater cost was a bit high but the furnace replacement seemed reasonable. The quality of work received, the courtesy and professionalism of their technicians was 'par excellence'. They may cost a little bit of extra money (for the water tank) but well worth it. I would use them again in a heartbeat and highly recommend them.
20:13 1月20日
Alex Sanchez
17:56 28 Jan 20
Jackie Danfelser
17:39 1月31日
TLC as a whole and representatives Daniel Garcia and Carlos Ramirez, service is exemplary. Tender Loving Care is proven more than just a name but is the standard of their customer service. Thank you for a job well done and the extra mile of truly caring for me as a valued person.
Sandra Tucker
18:35 1月31日
I chose Quality in this review as an umbrella covering Value, Responsiveness and Punctuality. I had a blown garbage disposal and the poor guy went down a rabbit hole of my creation (for which I am heartily sorry) but he (apparently without effort) maintained his cool, calm and professional politeness. I am a several-time repeat customer with TLC, and have never had anything but outstanding service. Kudos and sincere thanks to Zachary R. for another pleasant experience from TLC.
Robin DJW
18:21 06 Feb 20
我们热水器停止提供热水啊n Saturday. We spoke with TLC on Sunday and decided our problem could wait until Monday. I called TLC first thing Monday at 7 am in hopes of getting worked into their schedule. They were eager to assist us and told us we would be taken care of for sure; only catch was it was between 8 to 5. That was perfectly fine; I was happy it was going to happen at all!! To my amazement Lawrence Sanchez called at 8:23 am and said he would arrive in 20 to 25 minutes; and that he did. He and Cesar arrived at 8:45 am to begin assessing our hot water heater problems. Step by step explanations were provided and two estimates which gave me choices were provided as well. Lawrence and Cesar are "Wonderful Caring Individuals" who take pride in their work; it can be seen in their professional demeanor. We had "Hot" water by 2:30 pm. Lawrence sent me a text message this evening making sure we had hot water and to see if everything was working. Who does that?? It was awesome that Lawrence followed up. He had also emailed me some info on water softeners. Below is the contents of my reply to Lawrence's inquiry..."Thank You I just saw them in my email. And YES, everything is working great; hot water setting seems perfect!! THANK YOU both again for the Professional Caring Workmanship today!! My review is was a pleasure having you both in our home thus I wouldn't hesitate to request you both on any other project that arises. Thank YOU for following up this evening. Have a GREAT evening."SheriI have had several jobs completed by TLC; I personally feel that they care about me as a customer and want me to understand the repair process as well as be pleased with their work. The bar is set high with TLC; Lawrence and Cesar exceed the challenge. I will always call TLC!!
Sheri L贝尔
03:43 03 Mar 20
我不得不说我被TLC吹走了。Brian Richards将一支团队带到了我们家中,将我们的沼泽冷却器切换到冷藏空气。他回答了我所有的问题,并帮助我了解我们需要的东西。他和他的船员努力工作,快速,每个人都是如此专业和善良。将来肯定会再次打电话!
06:18 11 Mar 20
Christine Hahn
22:57 18 Mar 20
We called TLC to replace rigid copper lines and a faucet on an old garden style bathtub. They arrived on time. The technician, Javier, was very courteous, explained what he was going to do, asked if we wanted him to add shutoff valves, which we did. They removed the old faucet, cut the rigid copper lines, soldered on couplings, installed shutoff valves, installed the new faucet, tested it, checked for leaks, and cleaned up. The installation looks great. Start to finish was 35 minutes. We have used TLC several times in the past and have always been happy with their work and professionalism. I would highly recommend them to anyone.
Bob Cutler
16:07 11 Mar 20
Carlos and his crew was just awesome. Daniel also was very nice and profession. He was honest I feel and knowledgeable. During this crazy time of social distancing they remained respectful, calm, and focused. I felt comfortable having them in my home hooking up my new system. I am very happy with the decision we made and by going with TLC! Thank you all for being amazing!
Bianca Gonzales
16:29 22 Mar 20
TLC Technician Chantry在提供恒星服务后刚离开我们的房子,我们无法更加激动!我们被告知我们可能需要一个完全新的水蛭线并想要第二种意见,我们很高兴我们得到了一个来自TLC的意见。Chantry能够有效地定位问题并在一小时内有效地修复它。谢谢TLC和Chantry为工作做得很好,为了拯救我们的潜在数千美元!
Cassidy Zachary.
16:52 05 5月20日
jen mulliniks.
00:35 5月20日
我们有TLC出来替换我们的热水器并将所有东西带到代码。他们总是准时,始终专业,非常好,并确保在他们开始工作之前认识到成本。这份工作很棒!一切都完成了,就像它在估计中陈述了!大约2周后,我们开始听到我们的墙壁中的饮用水。我们再次打电话给TLC,猜测它可能是热水器,因为我们听到与热水器在同一个壁上的水。他们在那天我们打电话的一天,他们告诉我们我们有一个小的漏水。漏水不是由热水器引起的。他们来到第二天来定位漏水。他们给了我们几个估计和我们拥有的选择。我们决定做一个完整的重新进入。 They finished the re-pipe in two days and drywall repair in two days. They were very professional and friendly. They answered all of our questions and gave us updates on their progress.They were overall excellent to work with. I would highly recommend TLC. They might be a little more expensive, but it is well worth it to know the job is done right (they also offer financing).
Sarah Mitsdarfer
16:06 16 May 20
Today was the first time we have dealt with TLC. The problem was a clogged main line we needed cleaned out. I called a few other local plumbers, a few big name companies as well before calling TLC. I wish I had called TLC first! No one I had called wanted the work.... As soon a I started to mention a main line clog the other plumbers/companies became "busy." Seriously, like they only wanted easy, quick work.When I called TLC I was quoted a price up front and scheduled for same day service. Joseph G. (Emergency Drain Response) with TLC showed up at our house a mere two hours after I called. He was very polite and professional. He explained what he found in the main drain line and what he was going to do to fix it. He did his job and fixed our problem quickly.We couldn't have asked for a better experience after calling other plumbing companies that acted like they didn't want the job... TLC will always have our business, will be who we always call first from now on, when it comes to our plumbing, HVAC, or electrical work needs - thanks to Joseph G. of TLC!
13:40 5月20日
薄层色谱技术showed up at my in-law's (retired in their mid-80's) to do a routine maintenance check on their 18-year-old HVAC rooftop unit for $180. He found a failing capacitor and the pressures were all normal. He showed the in-law's photos from his phone of rust on the condenser and mentioned that he didn't think it would make it through the end of the year. So he provided a proposal recommending a total unit replacement for $11,000-13,000. My in-laws were prepared to remove retirement funds from an IRA to pay for a replacement. I was asked by the in-laws to come out and take a look (I am a mechanical engineer with 17 years of experience in the HVAC field). The recommendation to replace the HVAC unit is out of line not to mention the cost of the proposal being extremely high. The minor rust was due to standing water in the condensation collection pan certainly not necessary for a total replacement. I made one call to another HVAC firm and got a quote of $7,000-$8,000 if I wanted the unit replaced and they recommended if it ain't broke don't replace it. I do not trust TLC and cannot recommend them.
03:02 28 May 20
Chris came to repair our AC system. He was professional and detail oriented. Even when it appeared to work again, he spent time to test and retest the system and diagnosed another major flaw that he could address with a simple solution. Thank you for the great work Chris. I will certainly use TLC in the future. The price was also fair!
A. M.
05:35 17 17 6月20日
We called TLC to replace a temperature pressure relief valve on our water heater. We were on a strict timeline and they were able to send a technician out to us on the same day! Jude was the technician that performed the repair and we couldn’t be happier with the outstanding work that he completed. He was very professionally and efficient. He kept us informed throughout the entire process and even gave us some tips for routine maintenance. We highly recommended this company and their technician!
03:03 15 Jul 20
In uncertain times such as COVID-19, TLC was the only HVAC company that responded to an emergency HVAC service call on a Sunday with temperatures in the 90's. Of the 5 companies we called TLC was the only one to respond and provide us with the much needed care we were so desperately seeking. We were provided with courteous service by a very professional technician who had us up and running in a matter of a few minutes. You've earned our trust and loyalty as new customers for life. When in need call TLC. Thank you. Highly recommend A+++
Joe Grimando
19:31 19七月20日
TLC was the only company that made an effort to get our water heater replacement done the same day. Shannon Rushing made sure explain everything that needed to be done before he started the replacement, ensuring we fully understood what he was doing and how much it would cost. Shannon went over how to make adjustments or light the pilot light if needed before he left. We will definitely call TLC for help in the future. Thanks for being so professional and kind, Shannon!
01:07 24日7月20日
Mary Ann Padilla
14:25 26 Jul 20
Krissy Straub-MacCanon
07:31 30七月20日
Warren Sigal
21:20 30 Jul 20
amos ulmer
21:13 03 Aug 20
薄层色谱技术showed up at my in-law's (retired in their mid-80's) to do a routine maintenance check on their 18-year-old HVAC rooftop unit for $180. He found a failing capacitor and the pressures were all normal. He showed the in-law's photos from his phone of rust on the condenser and mentioned that he didn't think it would make it through the end of the year. So he provided a proposal recommending a total unit replacement for $11,000-13,000. My in-laws were prepared to remove retirement funds from an IRA to pay for a replacement. I was asked by the in-laws to come out and take a look (I am a mechanical engineer with 17 years of experience in the HVAC field). The recommendation to replace the HVAC unit is out of line not to mention the cost of the proposal being extremely high. The minor rust was due to standing water in the condensation collection pan certainly not necessary for a total replacement. I made one call to another HVAC firm and got a quote of $7,000-$8,000 if I wanted the unit replaced and they recommended if it ain't broke don't replace it. I do not trust TLC and cannot recommend them.
03:02 28 May 20
TLC取代了我的5吨AC,并做了一个惊人的工作。它们还修复了天花板的管道中的针孔泄漏。今天,他们发现我的天花板中的泄漏是由楼上的厕所造成的。Shannon R.是优秀的,专业,在他工作的整个时间都穿了一个面具。他解释了一切好的问题解决了!
18:24 24 Aug 20
My original cast iron pipes reached the end of their life and I called TLC with whom I have had large jobs performed in the past. The trenches crew including Jesse, Chase, Robbie, and Kyro did a great job under harsh weather conditions. They were polite, professional, and just a great group of guys. They made the house completely livable during the work, finished on time, and cleaned up the site very nicely. TLC is lucky to have them and I recommend TLC highly to anyone with plumbing, HVAC, electrical work, or any other problem they can address. Call them first!!
Joy L. Mangano
17:27 12 9月20日
Sara Romero
17:17 13 9月20日
Mark Brooks
21:06 14 Sep 20
Selling a house in Edgewood. The 5 year old tank-less water heater was not keeping water hot. Realtor had a general contractor look at it. He and his plumber friends didn't know what was wrong with it, couldn't fix it, best he could do was offer to replace it at ~5K. My realtor then suggested having TLC look at it. Even though I've heard TLC is pricey, and they required payment for time spent once they left Albuquerque proper, I figured it was worth it if they could fix it instead of replace it. Quinn was the service technician. He called me on his drive out there, explained what he thought it was going to be - that is just needed to be flushed. When he got there and looked at it, he called again and said he was the process of flushing it, confident that was going to be the solution. Called again after and confirmed everything was working great. So for 250 bucks the heater was working great. It made my day not having to replace it, and explained to him that the contractor could only offer to replace it. He agreed that he'd make more money to just replace it, but it didn't need it. So I appreciate the honesty and professionalism of not gouging unsuspecting customers by recommending only the necessary services.
Sara S.
02:16 29 9月20日
由于其他人的评论,我选择了TLC。它们是城镇中最昂贵的,但它似乎仍然是让工作完成的工作仍然是正确的选择,所以我决定雇用他们来送给我的炉子,并将我的沼泽冷却器送进。我很遗憾地说,我不能对自己的服务更失望,或者在事实之后的客户服务。如果我能给0颗星,我会。技术人员让我的沼泽凉爽冬天很快。然而,当它来维修我的炉子时,他拒绝触摸它。他说,安全性并不是正确的,“它已经以不专业的方式进行了装备,”他不确定它是否是安全的,说他不会触及它。他试图说服我买了一个新的强迫空气炉,这将花费3200美元至3400美元。虽然他只是在我的财产30分钟,但可能少,并且拒绝做我雇用他的事,但他仍然试图为我收取一小时的服务费120美元。当我抱怨时,他给了我,就像8美元的折扣一样。凭借税收仍然是116美元,甚至甚至没有完成工作。我呼叫到其他管道工,思考也许我的炉子被打破了,并最终发现了第二天从一个小小的公司出来的人。 He had my furnace running within 10 minutes, and he had a wand to check for gas leaks, to ensure that my furnace was safe. He only charged me for a half hour, and the rate was cheaper than what TLC charged me when their technician refused to do the work.I called and left a message with TLC about my experience, requesting at least a partial refund, because their technician showed up without the necessary tools and refused to do the job, causing me to have to hire another plumber to do the work I had paid them to do. They never returned my call.For what they charge, I really expected better. At the bare minimum, I expected them to at least do the work I had hired them for, not try to sell me a $3400 heater that I didn’t need.
Chris Benitez
14:35 01 10月20日
TLCWe had a Mr. Joseph Gabaldon jr out to service our house...what a pro!! Your company was well represented today. We are both business owners in this house and appreciate this type of customer service. Fantastic job TLC! You showed up well today. Forever grateful and you have us as customers for sure going forward.Excellent job Joseph!Cindy
Cindy Kyllo
21:51 03 Sep 20
Rhys Griffiths.
20:14 06 10月20日
Corinne Fay
22:14 25 10月20日
Travis Day (and his whole crew - Joe, Issac(?), Jr., and others) were awesome. I had used TLC before for a water main break at my own house. He did such a good job and was so friendly, I saved his card. When my mother-in-law had a major water line breakage I called him immediately. They worked long hard hours identifying the problem and gave us several options and advice. We ended up re-plumbing the entire house. They were professional, polite and very friendly. I will call TLC every time.
Jon Kuncel
13:09 07 Nov 20
Hot water heater went out. The plumber they sent was competent, friendly and professional. He replaced the thermocouple entire bill was $137 and I have hot water. A less scrupulous person could easily had told me I need a new water heater installed for $1500+.
21:09 19 11月20日
对管道问题非常快速和友好的反应。专业,解释了这个问题,戴着面具和尊重疏远:)快速修复和良好的工作。在他的日子里喊出来喊出来!A +服务
W T.
17:34 20 11月20日
I highly recommend this company. The office staff and schedulers were responsive, kind and always answered our calls promptly. I would specifically like to thank Daniel H. Wonderful, communicative, responsible and professional. I can’t say too much about Daniel. The kindness meant so much because it’s hard to come by right now.
14:10 01 12月20日
我强烈推荐这些努力工作,诚实的人。我对我的新炉和A / C非常满意。所有参与的员工都接受了尊重。Riley O'neal从其他公司出价的其他公司中脱颖而出。他是值得信赖的,非常知识渊博。伟大的船员,做了电台,多米尼克,塞尔吉奥专业而友好。谢丽尔曾与我一起工作,安排我的检查,在会计上的科学讲话是有礼貌和乐于助人的。我有一个伟大的团队照顾我的需求。
Dolores Schnieder.
21:24 18 Dec 20
We upgraded our furnace and air conditioning systems last week. Brian Richards and Derrick Searles installed both systems with help from others at TLC. They took out the old furnaces and installed the new upstairs and downstairs systems in one day. As promised, we had heat that night. The next day they removed the old air conditioning system and installed the new, again by the end of the day. This was a heavy job, requiring space for their boxes and tools, in very cold weather (it snowed) and of course, access to the inside of our home. They were wonderful! We haven't seen our new gas bill/electrical bills yet, but are enjoying the comfort of the new furnaces. These men were professional, friendly and respectful. In fact, I recommended TLC to our new neighbors the next week.
Linda Davey
21:45 19 Dec 20
薄层色谱技术showed up at my in-law's (retired in their mid-80's) to do a routine maintenance check on their 18-year-old HVAC rooftop unit for $180. He found a failing capacitor and the pressures were all normal. He showed the in-law's photos from his phone of rust on the condenser and mentioned that he didn't think it would make it through the end of the year. So he provided a proposal recommending a total unit replacement for $11,000-13,000. My in-laws were prepared to remove retirement funds from an IRA to pay for a replacement. I was asked by the in-laws to come out and take a look (I am a mechanical engineer with 17 years of experience in the HVAC field). The recommendation to replace the HVAC unit is out of line not to mention the cost of the proposal being extremely high. The minor rust was due to standing water in the condensation collection pan certainly not necessary for a total replacement. I made one call to another HVAC firm and got a quote of $7,000-$8,000 if I wanted the unit replaced and they recommended if it ain't broke don't replace it. I do not trust TLC and cannot recommend them.12/22/20 UPDATE: It is the end of the year and the mother-in-law's heat pump unit is still operating fine with the normal rust that appeared in the photo just like Thompson Heating & Air Conditioning rep said it would. The "options" response by TLC is missing the point and mirrors what the tech did in field. It is like going to your car dealer because the engine light is on due to low oil which they fix and they recommend a new car "option" because their is minor rust inside the wheel well they don't want to sand off instead.
14:36 22 12月20日
I just purchased a house and there is something wrong with the toilet. I called to schedule an appointment for the morning. I got a confirmation email saying that someone would be out that morning. I wasted my whole day waiting for someone to show up at 1:15. He called at 12:00 and said he would be here within 20 minutes. When the person got here, he said our toilet was clogged. He worked on it and flushed it a few times and said we were "good to go." We went to use said toilet later in the day and it is doing exactly the same thing it has always done. I promptly called TLC and I was informed there was no guarantee on the work that was done and that we would be out another service call fee to have someone come out again. My husband was willing to take the hit but wanted to be here to witness the work for himself, but we were told they only do emergency calls outside of the week days and he works full time. End of the day we are out $140 and a still broken toilet.
JoDee Lanari
23:54 22月20日
TLC取代了我的泄热热水器,并在同一天做了杰出的专业工作。Tech Jude Gonzales检查了我15岁的热水器,并确定了是时候更换了。他建议我,我的一些通风和其他方面没有代码,并准确解释了可以做到的。他在一天内完成了整个安装,并做了一个很好的工作。我将来会毫不犹豫地让TLC和Jude回来。很高兴知道我们有一个像TLC一样的公司,可以在任何房主处理任何房主。bob电竞app下载
Larry Morgese
00:42 30 12月20日
Great experience! Dryer duct repair was quick and easy. Took a few visits, but since none of the previous visits could actually make the repair (only diagnose), they only charged me for the actual repair visit. That was a classy move. Saved me $400. Will absolutely use TLC again after that!
23:17 14 Jan 21
我叫TLC周日当我开始感到一个unusual chill in the house and realized that our gas central heating unit was not coming on. Steven with TLC came out and quickly assessed our issue. The burners were activating and then shutting off because the motor had finally frozen up after 40+ years of service. After weighing our options, which included explacing the motor, my wife and I made the easy decision that it was time to replace the heating system which, frankly, was long overdue. Steven and a co-worker arrived early the next morning to install and activate the new equipment. I really appreciated their expertise and thoroughness in explaining the new system to us, which included a new digital thermostat! I would definitely recommend Steven and TLC to anyone in a heartbeat after our positive experience with them.
19:38 05 2月21日
我们刚刚为另一个主要问题,水主要替代品而出局,团队很棒。杰夫来了,给了我们一个估计。特拉维斯,安东尼和迪兰能够在第二天出来工作。他们非常有礼貌和专业,确保我们的所有问题和疑虑都得到了解决,并且能够在一天内完成所有问题。We not only had them replace our water main, but we’ve had TLC out to replace our sewer main, update electrical panel, convert to air conditioning, new furnace, and new water heater on other occasions.They are always quick to answer their phones, get someone out to you, and schedule the work in a timely manner. Thank you and we look forward to working with your remodeling team in the future.
Amanda Duffy
00:30 1月21日
Angelo Mitchell
22:11 07 2月21日
TLC迅速回应我们的管道紧急情况。Cody M.和尼克G.是专业的,按时,并确切知道该怎么办才能快速让我们回来。他们还为我的丈夫提供了有关如何维护新系统的优秀信息。谢谢TLC!
Lisa day
04:40 09 Feb 21
A couple of weeks ago, Marcus, Adrian, and Jose came to my daughter’s home to repair a hot water leak. It was a three day process. Their attitude and work ethic was nothing short of exceptional. Even though I spent my days off house sitting, I enjoyed having to watch them at work.Marcus and Adrian certainly had an expert knowledge of plumbing or the task at hand. It was amazing to see them work together as a team to fix an issue as they would come up. Mind you, they were working on an old home with extra work done on the original floor plan.Marcus was a great team leader assigning tasks to help speed the repairs, even minimal tasks such as maintaining the cleanliness of their work space. Their personality made me feel comfortable having strangers in the home and without a doubt very trustworthy personnel.I would recommend these personnel and TLC to anyone needing work done at their home. I can’t thank Marcus enough.
Rogelio Banez
01:10 25 Feb 21
First I called the morning after I discovered a leak the previous night, and I was able to get on the schedule that next day. The plumber, Mike Martinez, was courteous and gave me a heads up call and a realistic timeline of his arrival. He helped me with a leak near my water heater. Mike was quick, friendly, and informative. He even took a quick look at another issue I had in the house that I wanted to try to fix myself and gave me some advice.Service was great and price was reasonable. I will use them again (hopefully I don’t need to). Please pass to Mike’s supervisor my praise.
Race Southworth
16:33 26 Feb 21
TLC plumbing provided a great service when my water heater went out. I called on the weekend and got a callback promptly. I got all the important information I needed over the phone from Riley who was very courteous, and set up an appointment. Isaac came by that Monday and provided an estimate after evaluating the old water heater. He was prompt for the appointment and very courteous, also. He came back the next day and installed the new water heater with his helper and did a very professional job. I was very pleased with the customer service and professionalism from Riley and Isaac, and the installation was done professionally as well. I am very happy to recommend TLC Plumbing based on my experience with this water heater replacement.
02:07 01 3月21日
TLC plumbing provided great service when my water heater went out. I called on the weekend and got a callback promptly. I got all the important information I needed over the phone from Riley who was very courteous, and set up an appointment. Isaac came by that Monday and provided an estimate after evaluating the old water heater. He was prompt for the appointment and very courteous, also. He came back the next day and installed the new water heater with his helper and did a very professional job. I was very pleased with the customer service and professionalism from Riley and Isaac, and the installation was done professionally as well. I am very happy to recommend TLC Plumbing based on my experience with this water heater replacement.
02:45 01 3月21日
Lucas Lopez与TLC出来替换浴缸中的旧龙头,以及用钙沉积物腐蚀的主淋浴中的旧水龙头。他非常了解,专业,能力,漂亮。在开始工作之前,他给了我一个报价,这是合理的,然后拿到它。他完成后他做了一个伟大的干净工作。很高兴有水龙头,这些龙头在淋浴间和浴缸中再次运行的水龙头。我们使用了TLC多年,并将继续使用未来的需求。我肯定会要求卢卡斯可能出现的任何未来问题。
Peggy Roop-Cortez
16:43 02 3月21日
从第一次预约报价,直到工作完成这是一流的经历。我对Marcus Chavez留下了留下的留下印象,他们管理的,并是我的水主要替代项目上的引导水管工。马库斯是一个诚信和诚实的人。一旦马库斯进入了这项工作,它就会才能安装一个值,而不是整个水线。一个不那么诚实的水管工会取代这条线,我不会明智。相反,马库斯解释了好消息并救了我2200美元。马库斯的助手尼克非常达成共识,并留下正方形的形状。恭喜TLC,你赢得了一个普通客户。谢谢你。
Daniel Bergerac
17:38 24 Mar 21
对提供的服务克里斯·伦顿非常满意。在温暖的天气套前,我们呼吁进行交流检查。克里斯和他的助手检查了我们的分裂系统,并清理了首先外面的单位。然后他进来检查炉子。此时它在下午5点之后。克里斯发现我们的炉子上的较低的鼓风机非常脏,推荐它由于它的严重程度而被清洁。他本来可能没有提到它并包裹起来 - 我们本来都不知道。虽然是非常专业的,但确实让我们意识到它,我们同意将它清理干净。他留下来清理它,拿走他的时间。他让鼓风机再次看起来很新。他的知识,专业精神,非常感谢! This is why we go with TLC. Employees like Chris make TLC shine! Don't hesitate to get your AC inspected and cleaned! There may be a problem you are unaware of, like our dirty furnace blower. Thank you TLC! Chris is a great employee and asset to your company!
16:24 02 4月21日



Winter temperatures in Albuquerque can fluctuate dramatically. It can be mild one day and downright cold the next. Our area does reach freezing temperatures overnight and on the very rare occasion during the day. You need to make sure that your heating system is ready when you need it to keep your family warm on cold nights. Our trusted HVAC technicians are experienced in repairing all makes and models of furnaces and radiant heat systems. We can give you tips to reduce energy costs and suggested maintenance to keep you comfortable all winter. When repairs can’t be done we can also install new furnaces and boiler systems for your home or business.



As our summer temperatures continue to rise TLC’s comfort experts are here to help with a wide range of cooling options to keep you cool. For years swamp coolers have been the most popular cooling option for many Albuquerque homes and businesses. Our repairmen are experienced in swamp cooler repairs, replacements, and upgrades. We also have licensed HVAC repairmen to fix your refrigerated air conditioners or convert to refrigerated air as well. TLC also has its own heating and air conditioning products that are exclusive to our customers. You get great heating and cooling options plus our outstanding warranty. When it comes to cooling all you really need is a little TLC.

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Problems with your home’s plumbing usually happen unexpectedly and need immediate attention. TLC is ready to respond day or night.

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Drain problems like plumbing problems happen when you least expect it and often at the most inconvenient times. They are messy problems and you need help ASAP! TLC understands the urgency with drain problems and have a specialized team of drain experts to respond to drain emergencies and problems. Our drain techs have all the latest technology to resolve drain problems from rooter service to sewer line and water line repairs and replacements. We also have drain cameras to locate and inspect drain problems.

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TLC’s electrical team has continued to grow as our customer’s needs have grown. We have licensed electricians for any electrical problems and services you may need. Our electricians are available 24 hours a day for any type of electrical problems you may be having and we can also perform electrical upgrades for your home. Electrical problems usually require an expert due to the potential hazards, trust our repairmen to be here for you when you need quick service.